Garage Door Repair

garage doorGarage Door Repair

Making garage door repairs is an essential part of home ownership since it’s becoming the most valued aspect of the home.  The garage door is what secures your most prized possessions from potential criminals and thieves.  A properly working garage gives you peace of mind knowing that you are safe and protected from the cruel outside world.  As a homeowner, you cannot forget the importance of a garage door repair.

Not only will you feel more protected by having garage door repairs done, but you will also increase the curb appeal of your home.   Your neighbors will become green with envy when they see how a beautiful garage door can make a home look like a million bucks.  The garage door is now becoming the focal point for the home as it is usually the first thing people see.  Repairing and restoring a garage door just might be the only fixer upper you need to turn the value of your home around.  People fall in love with the different styles of garage doors and it can be considered a purchasing factor for buyers in the market.

Making garage door repairs can be do-it-yourself project when it comes to minor repairs, but a professional garage door repair company may be required for some of the more complicated repairs.  You can always count on a local garage door repair San Jose company to assist you when you’re in need, but there are several do-it-yourself projects that homeowners can complete for cheaper options. Whatever the case may be, making repairs is necessary in order to have a properly functioning garage door for years to come.

DIY Garage Door Repairs

For the most part, home owners are equipped to be able to make majority of the garage door repairs.  Dusting off the toolbox and watching short videos on YouTube will suffice for minor garage door repairs.  Here are a few garage door repairs that homeowners can do themselves:

Garage Opener repairs

How frustrating is it when you press the button for the garage door to open or close and it simply won’t work?  Homeowners can troubleshoot this problem before having to contact a professional to come out to the home.  It’s best to check all devices to see if the batteries have run out on the garage opener, or if it’s actually the garage door and belt itself that’s causing the problem.  If you try to open a garage from multiple devices and it works on at least one of them, then you know it’s time to purchase a new garage opener.  If the garage won’t open for any of the devices that you have, then you need to check the garage door itself and inspect the belt.  If you are unfamiliar with this and how a garage door operates, then it’s probably best to contact a local garage door repair company.

Broken Springs

Broken springs are common in malfunctioning garage doors and can be repaired by homeowners.  However, broken springs can also be dangerous depending on the severity of the issue, and a professional garage door repair company is best suited for the job.  The springs coil and uncoil as the garage door opens and closes, and overtime these springs can wear and rust which can damage the springs eventually causing the garage door to malfunction.  Repairing these springs require a few tools and a couple of minutes on YouTube, but if you don’t feel like getting this done yourself then contact a professional.

Garage Door Laser

Garage door lasers are located on both ends of the garage door and about six inches off the ground.  The purpose of these lasers is to make sure the path is clear for the garage to open or close.  If the path isn’t clear and an object is blocking the invisible laser that shoots from one side to the other, then the garage door will not move.  Sometimes, a malfunctioning laser may cause the garage door to not respond to the garage door openers.  If this is the case, then check the lasers to make sure that the eye is clean and that any dirt or debris is removed.  You can also open up the exterior of the laser to double check and see if wires are fully intact.  If there seems to be loose, or worn down wires, then you’ll most likely need a professional to make the repairs.

Repairing The Track

Do you have a garage door that makes too much noise, or runs slowly?  If you are experiencing both of these, then you want to inspect the wheels and the tracks of the garage door.  The wheels and tracks of the garage door face a lot of wear and tear over the years of a garage door opening and closing.  At times, you’re tracks will become loose around the nuts and bolts, and the wheels will also loosen.  Tightening the nuts and bolts and wheels may improve the speed at which your garage door opens and closes, and it could also solve your problems of having a loud annoying garage door.  If that still doesn’t work, then bust out the WD40 as a last resort.  Applying this to the interior of the tracks along with the wheels should make for a smooth quite ride for the garage door.


Garage door repairs are common and homeowners should expect to have to put in a little elbow grease if they want their garage door to last a lifetime.  It’s important to make weekly or monthly maintenance routines for your garage door to ensure that it’s operating correctly.  Similar to the way cars are handled, a garage door works best when repairs are immediately made and the garage door receives consistent maintenance. If you want the garage door that beautifies your home and has people staring as they drive by, then you must take the proper steps in having it serviced throughout the year.

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